SUMMER ACADEMY (6-11/07/ 2020) : MAQAM, RHYTHMS Classical traditions of Egypt and Arab Middle East – ‘oud – percussions

Oud : Tarek Abdallah

Percussion instruments – riqq, darbukka : Adel Shams El-Din


5 day courses + 1 day rehearsal/concert

« Total immersion » summer academy in the countryside (Vendée region, France)

July 6-11, 2020

(July 5th, evening: reception of the participants – July 11th: final rehearsal before the end of course concert)

contact : – 0033-6 64 150 190


Summer academy programme

The courses are intended to oud and percussion players, who are interested in tackling the classical repertoires of Arabic oriental music and Egyptian takht. The two guest teachers will give their master classes in perfect coordination. Group practicing will occur at the end of each day and the end of course concert will be held on the 6th day.

– Intermediate and advanced levels (please contact the teachers via the association when applying, and if possible, send a recording (mp3/video)



performance of compound and semi-compound traditional forms (basraf-s/peshrev, dulab-s, sama’i, sama’i darig, tahmila)

measured modal improvisation on the rhythmic cycles wahda, bamb and aqsaq.

non-measured modal improvisation (taqsim mursal) melodic patterns, modulations

playing techniques : right hand : regular playing (risa maqluba) and irregular playing (risa habita), relationship between plectrum and rhythm ; left hand : fingering rules corresponding to each maqam .


Instruments : riqq, bendir, darbuka

On the same repertories : finger placement and technique; ornamentation, grace notes.

Learning of complex rhythmic cycles 

Fees (tuition + full pension) : 650 € / students, unemployed people: 500 €.

application form summer academy


La Baudière is a large family home located in the heart of nature. It is the head office of the Association La Baudière. The house includes 10 rooms upstairs and several large rooms on the ground floor as well as outbuildings, which host the music courses.

All participants are provided with free accommodation in two-bed or five-bed rooms. They may also be able to pitch a tent in the vast space surrounding the house, or to come in a camper. The Association La Baudière offers full board accommodation: varied meals and dietetic food, almost vegetarian, inspired by middle-Eastern cooking.

These conditions offer the opportunity for total immersion in the musical genres learnt during the summer camp.

The number of participants will not exceed 18, in order to enable effective in-depth work and individual support.

How to get to La Baudière ?

(Rochetrejoux, 85510)

The closest station to La Baudière is the Cholet station, which is located 34 km away from La Baudière. Pick up at the train stations will be provided by the association members. Arriving at the Roche-sur-Yon station (35 km) or the Chantonnay station (15 km) is also possible.

In any case, you are kindly requested to inform the association members before booking tickets, to enable optimal coordination of arrivals and departures.


TAREK ABDALLAH is an Egyptian composer, lute player and musicologist from Alexandria. He draws his inspiration from the golden age of Egyptian oud in solo music (1910-1930). He is a former pupil of several masters of his native country, among whom feature the lute player Hazem Shahin, and the composer and violinist Abdou Dagher. He also studied Persian classical music with Dariush Tala’i. Having been living in Marseille since 2001, he has ventured into many experiments related to the transmission of knowledge in Arabic Lute, mostly through creations, master classes and conferences given in the Mediterranean countries.

ADEL SHAMS EL DIN is a percussionist of Egyptian descent living in France. He mainly plays the riqq, a kind Arabic tambourine. He was initiated to percussion instruments, first by his elder brother Shams, then by Fathi Gunayd. Established in France since 1979, he has integrated very rapidly diverse Oriental music ensembles, including the Al-Kindi ensemble, a group he co-founded along with other artists. Considered one of the few riqq players able to overcome the most complex Arabic rhythms, he has recorded more than forty albums. Since 2013 he has been performing with the Egyptian lute player and composer Tarek Abdallah.



thanks to Maud Caillat for the translation